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Armor-Clad Distinctive High-Build Quarts Aggregate Floors by CRACK-X

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WHY ARMOR-CLAD™? Functional flooring with flair---that's the ARMOR-CLAD™ advantage. Unprotected concrete floors, while being the ideal medium for flooring over earthen fill, are nevertheless prone to numerous problems, such as dusting, wear, staining and the corrosive effects of various salts and chemicals.

ARMOR-CLAD™ is an unbeatable combination of colored quartz aggregate and premium epoxy binders. This flooring system creates surfaces as durable as they are decorative. Unlike over-the-counter and mail order kits, professionally applied ARMOR-CLAD™ flooring systems consist of 100% solid epoxy coatings with no water or solvents to diminish the beauty and value that they bring to your concrete floor.

The benefits of an ARMOR-CLAD™ flooring system are numerous. The following list itemizes the reasons homeowners, collectors and businesses are increasingly demanding high-build epoxy flooring systems.

  • Durable, washable and easily maintained
  • Great looking, seamless, non skid surface
  • Makes collectables look, well, more collectable!
  • Up to five times stronger than concrete alone
  • Cures quickly for minimal down time
  • Adds value to products in showrooms
  • Provides sanitation and cleanliness where required
  • Unbeatable protection from wear and tear
  • 100% solids system does not shrink
  • The ultimate work floor for mechanics
  • Beautifies concrete floors to improve environment
  • Adds value to the residential investment
  • Neatniks---the unique solution
  • High level of aesthetics
  • Integral cove base available
  • Monolithic matrix for superior longevity
  • The ultimate flooring finish for finished garages
  • Custom logos and family crests available
  • Professionally installed by Crack-X technicians


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Geographical Areas Serviced: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Southern New Hampshire

Trade Associations: Builders Association of Greater Boston (BAGB), Home Builders, Association of Massachusetts, (HBAM), National Association of the, Remodeling Industry (NARI), National Association of Home Builders, (NAHB), Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA)

Major Brands Installed: Tuff-N-Dri, Watchdog Waterproofing, Drainstar, Exoair Air Barrier, System, Warm-N-Dri, GMX, Ultra-shield, WR Grace, Bituthene, Carlisle, Products